Jane's Boy Press publishes poetry exclusively, and we are seeking submissions of chapbook (30-50 pages) and full length (51+ pages) manuscripts as well as individual poems for our annual journal, Ishka Bibble.  We are looking for a wide range of styles and formats, but are most drawn to accessible poetry that moves us in its beauty, even if it is the beauty of darkness.  We're not afraid of the term "confessional."  We love narrative poetry, poetry inspired by the Beats, political poetry, personal poetry--if it moves us, then we're interested. 

Please use the submission form for the category that you intend to submit to.  We do charge a reading fee for each category.  This fee allows us to maintain our operations, and also permits us to hire additional, part-time editors when the workflow becomes more than the standard staff can handle.  We do not accept genres other than poetry at this time, but our definition of poetry is broad, and includes prose poetry as well.  We do not, however, accept novels, creative non-fiction, or journalism.  Any interviews that we publish in our journal are commissioned directly by us.  If you have an idea for an interview or other feature you would like to pitch, please send us a brief description of it along with your credentials through the contact form on our website.

We are a small operation, and we wish to give the closest attention possible to each and every submission we receive.  As a result, during peak periods, response times may run between 3-5 months, though we will attempt to respond sooner.  Please do not inquire about your submission earlier than five months after sending it, as the more time we spend responding to those inquiries, the less time we have to review submissions.  Simultaneous submissions are fine, but please take the time to notify us if you are accepted elsewhere.  Reading fees are non-refundable.

Please submit no fewer than three and no more than seven poems in a single file in Word or PDF format.  No more than one poem to a page.  Please include a header with your name, email address, and phone number at the top of each page.  Ishka Bibble only accepts submissions of poetry.  Any fiction, non-fiction, or journalism submissions will be deleted.

EDIT: (June 15, 2015) Ishka Bibble WILL accept previously published poetry that has not been collected in a single-author book.  If you wish to submit something that has previously appeared in another journal or magazine, please include an attribution for the original publication.  Please make sure that the rights for the piece have reverted back to you before submitting any previously published work to Ishka Bibble.

Please submit your chapbook manuscript using this submission form.  Your manuscript should be no fewer than 30 pages and no more than 50 pages.  Please include a table of contents.  The cover sheet should include your name, address, email, phone number, and the title of the chapbook.  The manuscript should be in a standard font, preferably 12 point Times New Roman.  Please verify that the manuscript has been carefully proofread before uploading it.
Please submit your manuscript of 51 pages or more.  There is no upper limit, but generally a poetry manuscript should not be more than 80 pages.  However, if you have a clear narrative arc you are constructing or some other thematic purpose, do not feel you must limit yourself to fewer than 80 pages.  Your manuscript should include a table of contents and a cover page which features your name, address, email, phone number, and the title of your manuscript.  Please be certain that the file you upload has been thoroughly proofread. 
Jane's Boy Press